Barnes County

Barnes County Senior Citizens Council, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in North Dakota in 1973.  Its stated purpose is to “create an atmosphere where the Elderly themselves will help solve and meet their problems; and to coordinate existing services and agencies.”  The Agency’s support comes primarily from property taxes levied by the county and donations. 

Congregate Meals are hot meals which assure a minimum of one-third of the Required Daily Allowance (RDA) are served to groups of older persons at senior centers throughout the County.

The Barnes County Food Pantry consists of donated food, and food and supplies purchased with individual and group cash donations. 

Frozen Meals are available to elderly people who are unable to shop and prepare meals, and where hot home delivered meals are not available.

The Home Delivered Meals program, frequently called “Meals on Wheels,” provides a hot meal to seniors who are unable to shop and prepare food on their own.

Liquid Supplements such as Ensure are available for purchase through the senior centers.

Newsletters are published bi-monthly and include news, schedules of activities and menus. 

Outreach services is a personalized approach to seeking out older persons, identifying their service needs, and motivating, as well as assisting them to access available services. 

Public Transportation services are available throughout the counties served by South Central Adult Services.  All vehicles display the name South Central Transit Network.  Transportation is available to take the general public to and from meal sites and for other purposes which include:  medical appointments, shopping, recreation, schools and personal needs.  Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available. 

Seniors Centers offer congregate meals and a variety of recreational and social activities.