Nutritious Meals and Liquid Supplements are available throughout the counties served by South Central Adult Services for individuals 60 years of age and older, as well as their spouse of any age.

Congregate Meals are served to groups of older persons throughout the counties at established sites and times. Check out the Congregate Meals sites for details.

Home Delivered Meals, frequently called “Meals on Wheels,” are delivered to individuals who are unable to shop and prepare food on their own. People may receive home delivered meals for an extended period of time or on a temporary basis due to illness or following release from the hospital. Meals are generally delivered to your home by volunteers. Contact your county outreach worker for more information.

Frozen Meals are available to elderly people who are unable to shop and prepare meals and where hot home delivered meals are not available. The meals are labeled with instructions for cooking. A serving of bread, butter, milk and dessert is included with each meal. Contact your county outreach worker for more information.

Liquid Supplements such as Ensure and Glucerna are available for purchase through the senior centers. Liquid Supplements may be prescribed by a physician for patients who are unable to eat solid food or who are severely undernourished. Because Liquid Supplements are very high in calories and sugar, clients are advised to check with their physician prior to using this product. Diabetic clients must be especially careful. Other supplements are available at a reasonable cost.

Please reserve meals at least one day in advance. Congregate and home delivered meals are not served on legal holidays. All meals provide a minimum of one third of the Required Daily Allowance (RDA). While there is no set fee charged for the meals, a suggested contribution for the meal is posted at each meal site. Food Stamps (EBT or SNAP) are an accepted method of contribution for home delivered meals, congregate meals, frozen meals and liquid supplements.